So you got a nice Google Chrome extension, right?
And people do leave comments / questions / hate mail on the extension page all the time.
But the only way for you to get those is to visit that page in your browser… Not cool. Not cool at all, Google!

Wanting to get the comments in Google Reader, I simply looked in the Inspect Element > Network tab, to see what was going on, when I visited the Chrome Store page for my extension. And lo and behold, there’s an AJAX request to fetch the comments, with the results returned as a nice JSON-encoded object!

A couple of LOCs of PHP later, I now have a URL that takes in parameter an extension ID (that 32-characters-long string of letters you see in the URL, when you visit the extension URL; eg. fnhepcakkcnkaehfhpagimbbkpelkdha), and an optional extension name (to beautify the RSS a little), and gives me a RSS feed of all the comments for that extension.

Want to use it yourself? Easy peasy!

Just go here: Google Chrome Extension Comments RSS Generator

Enjoy, fellow extensions developers!