Started to check that out in December 2002. Since then, I created a number of scripts for the FTP daemon for Windows. Many of which not many people still use, but I still use some of them. I’m currently re-writing my main script in Java. Much more fun to code than the last version, which was C coded with Visual C++. ioBanana was my most popular script. Funny name comes from a suggestion in the IRC channel #ioFTPD. I wanted to call it ioB, since there was already an existing script ioA, which almost everybody used (and still use) and my ioB was complementing it. But ioA’ developer thought it was too confusing, so ioBanana it became.
When I started that script, I did it for myself. I wanted a script to do everything I needed without having to install X different scripts. The features implemented were the ones I needed, not much more. The script was freely available to anyone then, but other than bug reports, I didn’t do much in regards to new features.
After a time, I started to add features I personally didn’t need, and I also started to make the script donation-ware. A donation of any amount (above 2$!) gave you a key to unlock the full version of the script. I was using some clever public/private key scheme to lock my executable. Sadly, one day, I moved files around on my system, and the scripts that were supposed to automatically encrypt the executables I was distributing stopped doing it’s job. Some time after that happened, ioBanana, the non-free version, was released as a 0day (warez). Soon after that happened, I officially dropped public releases of ioBanana and offered the source code to any developer who would want to continue my work. Harm volunteered. Since he took the project, he released two ‘minor’ versions (based on my C code) and one major version, completely rewritten in TCL, but kept the name.
I continued to improve my personal version of ioBanana, and as of today (now that I can’t compile it anymore!), the script has 13,713 LOC (only counting lines I wrote myself), includes libraries like ZipArchive, mysql++, cmp3info, re_lib and minidumper, but still has some known bugs. That’s why I started a new one in Java. Using OO is so much easier on a programmer’s mind!