Software developer with a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering. Experience with a large number of technologies. Expertise in web & mobile applications development. Efficient, fast and professional.


API development (for mobile or web applications), servers architecture, frameworks development, prototyping, productivity enhancing hacks.


École Polytechnique de Montréal
Bachelor’s degree in computer engineering, software engineering specialization - 1998-2002

Github Activities

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Netlift — Montréal — 2015-present
I manage and maintain the product, on the web and mobile phones (Android and iOS). I develop the matching algorithm between passengers and drivers, using their origin, destination, schedule, and create multimodal options by mixing ridesharing and public transit.
I manage the development team, the infrastructure and architecture of the product.

Software Developer
Mobilogie/2XM Interactive — Montréal — 2012-2015
I developed multiple mobile applications for iOS and Android, in small teams or alone.
I worked on interactive window installations for Musique Plus, Promenades Cathédrale and Blakes.
I developed multiple API to support mobile applications.
I architectured and implemented redundant & highly-available (web and database) servers to be used by mobile applications, and other remote servers. I implemented the software layer to be used by clients to connect to those servers.

TouchTunes Digital Jukebox — Montréal — 2005-2012
TouchTunes creates & sells digital jukeboxes; that is, a big music box in which you insert coins and choose the music you want to hear in a restaurant, or a bar, or a bowling alley, or …
I was the product manager & team leader for the Dashboard, the intranet that our customers use to manage their jukeboxes.
I also developed and maintained internal tools used to manage ad campaigns on the network, and to parse devices’ logs.
I participated in the early versions of the website.
I worked with Java, JSP, Orion application server, Oracle, PHP, MySQL, and the usual Linux, Eclipse, XML, HTML/Javascript, etc.
I developed the second version of our mobile application for iOS.
I developed various internal tools using PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Google APIs, Oracle, …

Software Developer
Olympia ASD — Montréal — 2004-2005

Insurance application development using Java technologies (J2SE), XMLife (XML) and XSL.
The applications were developed to be accessed from a web browser. Development and technological watch on multiple technologies (Eclipse 3, JDK 5.0, etc.) Development and integration of database interfaces between AS/400 and MySQL or SQL Server. Dealt directly with the client in the USA. Experience working with remote offices & co-workers. Business travels to the client’s offices in Philadelphia, PA.

Developer and Webmaster (Consultant, part-time)
IniCom Networks — Based New Mexico USA — 2003-2005

Developed a remote administration interface for the ioFTPD server (GUI in C++). Developed a plugin-type application that adds many functionalities to the FTP server: files integrity checks, users and groups management, logs management, etc. Experience using shared memory to communicate between two applications, using Visual Studio C++. Developed online tools in PHP to help developers and allow them to publish and manage their work. Development, integration and management of the web site.

Project manager and Developer
Marigny Solutions Internet — Montréal — 2002-2004

Developed web audience tracking software using many technologies: CGI (using C), PHP / MySQL, HTML and JavaScript. Project manager and main developer on all the new projects of the company: tracking tool for automobiles ads used on most of automobile-related websites in Quebec; tracking of openings and clicks in mass mailings; new version of the best selling application of the company: D-Stat. Last level support for all users and clients of the company. Supervision of interns during multiple 4 months internships.

Consultant and Software Developer (part-time)
Direction de la Santé Publique de Montréal — 2004-2005
École Polytechnique de Montréal — 2001-2002
Plomberie Allard — Montréal — 2001-2002

Developed multiple web sites and web applications: web applications to create and manage complex online forms used during research and polls (using PHP / MySQL); web sites using Flash, PHP, MySQL and HTML; online application used to create and manage contracts, with multiple access points; users’ support.

Teacher (part-time)
École Polytechnique de Montréal — 2000-2001
Université de Montréal — 2001

Practical Assignment Assistant for two university courses; helped students with practical assignments in Delphi and Oracle. Teacher for the Cultural Activities services of the Université de Montréal: “Create your own website” classes with two groups of 10 persons of all ages.


Programming: PHP, Objective-C (iPhone), Java (Android, J2EE), Javascript, XHTML, XSL, Python, TCL, Applescript, Ruby, C/C++
Technologies: XML, XPath, SQL, J2SE, Servlet (Tomcat), Eclipse (JDT, PDE, SWT), CGI
Operating Systems: Mac OS X, Linux / UNIX (Ubuntu, Fedora, RedHat, Solaris), Windows
Languages: French and English


I consider myself a hacker: “Hackers are individuals who come up with novel, complex, simple or elegant ways of writing new software that restates or replaces the existing constraints thereby exposing either some new functionality or some of the original flexibility of the underlying machine.“ Many examples of recent hacks can be found on my blog. The two hacks I’m the most proud of are my Remote-controlled air conditioning, and the more recent Greyhole: Easily expandable & redundant storage pool using Samba.

Co-workers Recommendations

“A ninja web developer indeed. Guillaume knows everything about anything on the web. One of the best software engineers in this field. I had the chance of working under his supervision in a couple of projects and I was very pleased to see how smoothly he managed them. A great colleague who’s always willing to help.”

“Guillaume is one of the most brilliant, focused and productive web developer I had the chance to work with. He has a profound understanding of many Internet technologies and a creative way of using them to develop high quality software products. I hope I will have the chance to work with him again.”

Source: my LinkedIn profile